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CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC is an FHA Approved Lending Institution and is not acting on behalf of or at the direction of HUD/FHA or the Federal government. All loans subject to underwriting approval. Certain restrictions apply. Call for details. *Certificate of Eligibility required.

Realtor Testimonials


A Word from Our Realtors...

"I wanted to reach out regarding Jared. We are currently working on three deals simultaneously from referrals I gave to him and he has been Amazing!!!!In the middle of these deals we pulled out every conceivable option possible and without wavering, Jared pulled it off and we got it closed right on schedule. I feel if it were anyone anyone else they would have pulled the plug on it. Jared really went way above and beyond.  His professionalism, customer service, and product knowledge are top notch.
- Kimberly Gonsalves, Keller Williams
"I have worked with Jared over the last year on 5 real estate transactions with my buyers and everyone has gone without a bump in the road.  When I have a transaction with Jared and his team I don't have to worry about being delivered on time which is a nice feeling for my clients and me.  I like the weekly updates they send out at the beginning of each week.  Very helpful information.  I would strongly recommend and thanks for everything Jared!"
-William Eacrett, Coco & Early Associates

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jared Carucci and the Jeff Palermo team for years. As a realtor I appreciate the fact that Jared is always available and the team keeps you informed on every step of the loan transaction.  Jared and his team will go the extra mile to try to make a deal work for you.  I would highly recommend Jared and the Jeff Palermo team to anyone looking for a real estate mortage!"
-Joyce Cucchiara, Coldwell Banker
"Jared Carucci from the Jeff Palermo Team at CrossCountry Mortgage is the epitome of what is needed in a mortgage lender. He is responsive, communicative and on top of things. In the 5 years of doing business with Jared he has never dropped the ball on a loan we’ve done together. And we have done some difficult loans. His number one attribute is his honesty. If Jared can get it done, he will. If he can’t, he will supply the information needed to eventually get it done. I always have full confidence in recommending Jared to all types of buyers, whether it’s their first property or fifth! I highly recommend Jared Carucci, you won’t be disappointed!"
-Justin Ray, Broker/Owner Elite Realty Experts
"We recently had a transaction in Greenfield,  Ma. with Susan White and Robert Kubacki.  I just want to let you know that in my forty years in real estate, this by far was one of the one of the smoothest deals I’ve had, especially when you have no clue who you are dealing with and being out of the area, which makes agents nervous from the get go. Your team work and follow up was stellar and I am more than happy to send referrals your way."
- Nancy Hawkins, Fitzgerald Real Estate
" Hi Jeff - I recently closed a deal with the help of your team and I was very impressed with your team and hope to do business with you again soon."
-Karalyn Bowers, Toner Real Estate
"Alex Lampropoulos is an excellent loan officer. Alex understands what it takes to provide great service and stting the job donw. It's always a great feeling when I can refer my trusted clients and knowing Alex will take care of them."
-Eric Ponn, Coco & Early Associates
"Thank you for working so hard to piece 611 boston Rd together. We could not have gotten to this point without your hard work. I am beyond appreciative of you for trying all possibilities that were creative with underwriting to resolve the issues and achieve a future close. You're one in a million as a Loan officer and I look forward to referring future business your way."
-Noel Marecka, Windhill Realty
"I want to personally thank you for your hard work! I will refer a buyer or two when needed. Thank you!"
-Sara Vienneau, C21 North Shore
"Alex & Jeff, Just wanted to say thank you again for all your hard work on getting 80 Legate Hill in Leominster closed. You guys were fantastic to work with! Thank you so much for doing such a great job. Enjoy your summer!"
-Danielle Damata, Key Realty
"Dear Bob and Jared, I want to sincerely thank you for saving the day on the loan for Katy and Dan.  Your prompt response AND the $5k guarantee helped to make the seller feel more confident that the loan will close and on time. Many thanks for your efforts!!"
-Debbie C - Coldwell Banker
"Hi all -I just wanted to thank you all for your collective knowledge and persuasiveness regarding the condo for Carlo.  After essentially being told that his offer was going to be declined, your understanding of FHA condo rules and your ability to explain everything to Peggy made the difference.  Carlo's offer was accepted this morning, and he and his family could not possibly be more excited. It goes without saying, but there's no question in my mind why I'm eager to send people your way."
-Michael Hinchliffe, Bean Group

"Peter Rolfe's closing was perfect! Thanks again. You guys are the best!"
-Janet C - Realty Executives

"Hi Jeff, I just wanted to thank you for working with Christopher Sarro, we closed today!  He really appreciated all the help your team did throughout the process, Jared setting him up with the right productand attorney, Tom S, making sure he understood and was comfortable with everything. This made my job a lot easier! Thanks again."
-Stephen V - Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

"Josh and Elyssa L were very happy with your service.  I know it became a rush act at the end getting in the paid receipts from the seller on the septic completion. I am sorry that there was additional pressure on this. BUT - YOU DELIVERED on time!! Thank you."
-Heather H - RE/MAX

"Hi Jeff, Your staff did an outstanding job and most certainly will direct more loans your way. Thanks!"
- Steven F - Keller Williams Realty

"I refer you to my clients is because of your teams’ excellence in customer service. It is extremely important to me, that when I refer my client to someone they will get only the best and that is exactly what I get when I give a referral to you or team member. Thank you and your team very much for making me look good!"
- Walter Z - Showcase of Homes

"Your team is one of the best. Professional from beginning to end!"
- Mike S - Keller Williams Realty

"It's very refreshing to find mortgage companies who act on their clients' behalf, especially in today's market. Reliant MortgageJeff Palermo Officers in the Business! Jared goes above and beyond his job responsibilities. I have used him for my clients and he is always on top of things, very accessible, and his communication is top notch! The way he handles transactions and helps you through the process is just fantastic. Also, I can't express enough my gratitude and your team for walking my client Tracy M through the whole mortgage process. Keeping us in the loop every step of the way. Tracy was a first time home-buyer and knew very little and your team explained every step in detail. She was diligent, prompt, and very communicative. I will recommend them highly to any of my friends, family or colleagues. Thank you for having such wonderful staff in your organization. I will continue to keep sending my clients to your office."
-Freddie C - Aegis Realty Group

"The process for both George B and the D (family) was amazingly smooth. I really like working with you all as a team, makes everything easy on my end and I'm always up to date. Both clients called around for rates and wound up using you so I'm assuming you were able to offer the best rates or the best programs.  And, if it wasn't for Jared meeting with the D (family) on a Saturday, I'm not sure the deal would have stayed together. They were in a bit of a panic mode for a bit and came out of the meeting with confidence. So, thank you!"
Andrea LaCroix - Windhill Realty

Thank you so much for checking in with me regarding my son's closing. Your team is amazing! I am so impressed and continue to be with every transaction. Thank you again."
Janet C - Realty Executives Boston West

"I highly recommend Jeff Palermo and his team to anyone looking to finance their home, and especially any Realtors looking for a reliable and dependable loan officer. My client needed a pre-approval on Super Bowl Sunday and in 1.5 hours my client had a pre-approval letter and we were able to put an offer in and get it accepted immediately. Throughout the process Jeff and his team were constantly in contact and on top of things. My client saved money with the free appraisal and free review of the P/S by one of their attorneys. You won’t find a better loan officer for yourself or your clients."
Brian B - Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

"Jeff, and the whole staff, you are a great example of how to run a perfect system as a team. We appreciate the book and look forward to learning more from you. Keep up the amazing work."
The DNA Team

"There is no question when it comes to who I send ALL my buyers to for a mortgage!  Jeff Palermo and his team are unmatched when it comes to making the entire loan process as smooth as possible. From the moment I introduce a client to Jeff to the moment we get to the closing table I have complete confidence that the process will be simple & stress free.  Jeff and his team are always on top of things and so incredibly organized. When other Realtors ask me "don't you give out more than one loan officer's name to your clients ?" I say, "Heck, NO. I give out only one, Jeff Palermo," because I know the deal will always go to the closing table with very happy buyers, very happy sellers and one VERY HAPPY REALTOR!!"
Maria D - Exit Premier Real Estate

"I'm not surprised that Yaritzi and Brian were so happy with the financing process. I felt certain they would be. That's why you're my guy! It takes so much pressure off me, knowing that you're doing the financing. You and your team have proven yourselves over and over again; you've got the process down to a science so there are never any last minute surprises. Thanks for all you do!"
Vera R - Century 21 Bonds Realty

"The Jeff Palermo team is invincible, invaluable and unbeatable. The finance process has changed dramatically and continues to do so. Jeff's team stays abreast of current regulations and has up to the minute information on interest rates and market trends. Jeff is the first mortgage person I refer to my buyer clients and usually the last. Not only do I refer him, Jeff is my personal broker as well. When Jeff emails me with the lowest rate and says it's time to refinance, I jump! He has saved me thousands of dollars over the years. Thank you to Jeff and his Team!"
Rose M - Showcase of Homes

"Jeff Palermo and his team are extremely professional and competent to handle any transaction that comes their way.  Regardless of obstacles that might be thrown at them (especially in this market) with lots of banking and credit changes taking place all the time.  Jeff and his team stay educated and updated with the most current news and economic changes that reflect the daily rates and in turn shares his knowledge with his customers (Borrowers and Realtors).  He is very detailed oriented and stays on top of the transaction so nothing falls through the cracks.  He is very reachable and always willing to clarify if you don’t understand something.  I would highly recommend Jeff to my own family and to all of my clients without hesitation."
Joanna S - Showcase of Homes

"I highly recommend Jeff Palermo and his team. Whatever type loan, I have complete confidence that Jeff will get it done and closed on time. He is always available to answer any questions that come up and informs my clients of all their options to determine which loan is best for them. He represents their best interest at all times. They all love Jeff because he is easy to talk to and answers their questions no matter how many they ask!  Jeff also has patience, is reliable, very professional and therefore, my clients, in return refer him to their friends and use him again when they refinance."
Karen F - RE/MAX Advantage

"I wanted to thank you and your assistant for being so professional and on top of things. I really appreciated the fact that you both kept me informed of every step that had been done and what was needed to be done. I have been a Realtor for 10 years and I have never been so well informed by a mortgage broker. You and your assistant returned every call promptly, you where honest and true to your word, helpful, and most of all you were always extremely professional.  I look forward to doing business with you again soon, and I will be telling all my co-workers and clients about you. Thanks Again!"
Dawn F - RealtyRI.com

"Hi Jeff, Just wanted to say again what a pleasure it was working with you on our recent transaction. After having been denied one loan and receiving unreasonable quotes from another lender, I asked my buyers to discuss their options with you. From the start, you and your team treated my buyers like royalty. Answering all questions and explaining different programs that were available to those with "less than perfect" circumstances. No question went unanswered, up to and during the actual closing. It was a great relief for them to know you would be there throughout their process and that there were never any surprises. The outcome was wonderful. The buyers were able to obtain the home of their dreams with a loan that was comfortable, and I was at ease knowing they were being taken care of by such a group of caring professionals. Thanks again!"
Noreen O - Advantage Realty & Rentals

"Jeff Palermo is a great joy to work with, he keeps you updated on a daily bases throughout the whole transaction. He will work diligently with you even on the most difficult buyers and do what ever it takes to make the transaction go through."
Annmarie W - Carpenito Real Estate

"When the buyer for my listing presented his offer with a proper pre-approval, I was cautiously optimistic. When you and Kerry proved to be easy to reach and prompt with your responses, I was impressed.When the mortgage commitment was presented a week before deadline, I was elated. When I complimented the buyers at closing regarding their choice of mortgage brokers they shared with me the interest rate and closing costs, I was shocked.
In real estate we can't always choose who our buyers and sellers will work with for their financing. But when my family, friends, and clients ask me who I would recommend, I always tell them to go to you.When my stepson ran into problems with an awful mortgage company in Rhode Island a week before closing I was thrilled to find out that you could help him. You not only got the deal done without an extension, but you saved him thousands of dollars in the process. You are truly a dream for both buyer and seller agents and I look forward to many more hassle free transactions with you in the future. Thank you! Best regards!"
Mary Ellen W - Century 21 Alliance Realty

"When Jeff Palermo handles the lending for one of our transactions it goes very smoothly without suprises for our clients. What Jeff tells our clients he can do, is what he does. He and his assistant, Lucrecia, do a great job of keeping everyone informed, helping to keep the stress level down for our Buyers and Sellers. We appreciate all that they do in a professional and efficient manner and would certainly recommend Jeff and his team."
Fintan M, Nancy S &Christina R - RE/MAX Advantage Real Estate

"I met Jeff Palermo a couple of years ago. A buyer made an offer on one of my listings and the preapproval letter was from Jeff. I was immediately impressed by how Jeff and his team quickly contacted me to give me all of the parties contact information including the appraiser, the loan processor, etc. They constantly kept me informed of the loan process through email and phone calls. Everything went completely smooth all the way through to closing. Since then myself and my office have exclusively referred Jeff to all of our clients. In fact Jeff has handled all of my own personal loans and many of my agents as well. I am always confident that when Jeff is handling any loan for myself or any of my clients that the process will close quickly and smoothly. And Jeff and his teams customer service is unbeatable!"
John J - Executive Real Estate, LLC

"Thank you again to you and your team for a smooth process.  It was a pleasure working with you as always! My client was happy with the process and said your team was wonderful to work with.  I look forward to working with you again and referring my clients."
Kristine C - Century 21 Combe

"Your team is incredible! Not only do you make my clients life easy, you make mine wonderful. We have done a great number of loans together over the years and I must say I have never dealt with anyonemore professional and knowledgeable then you. Every one of my clients have commented to me about how simple your team makes the mortgage process go, and all say they would recommend you to their friends."
Bob S - North Shore Properties

"Hi Jeff - I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a GREAT JOB you did with the DeVenuto loan.  You and your team went "ABOVE and BEYOND" to get this NEW loan closed in less than 8 days.  I am so honered to have such a dedicated and professional team to work with.  I always tell my clients that I have "THE BEST" loan officer that I trust immensely! "If Jeff tells me he can do it... it's a done deal"! I have known you now for many yeats and when I first met you, I told you, that you reminded me of my brother-in-law, who is also a "stand-up guy" and to this day I feel the same way."
Maria F - The Russell Realty Group

"You are the only referral I make. I am always confident in your direction and ability to provide the best service for family, friends and clients."
Angela C - Century 21

"You and your team did a wonderful job. Thank you on a job very well done!"
Michael B - CJ Barrett

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